Biggerplate asked their annual survey participants to articulate the benefits of mind mapping, but using 3 words only…

“This is always one of our favorite parts of the survey, as it reveals some fantastic answers, and also some of the creative thinking in the mind mapping world as people choose their three words very carefully!

The word cloud below shows the most used words, giving you a representation of over 1,000 mind mapper perspectives on the benefits of mind mapping…

The word CLARITY has featured very visibly in previous years, and once again it’s seen clearly here, along with a number of words that suggest an ability to ORGANIZE, IDEAS, and THOUGHTS in a VISUAL manner can lead to greater CLARITY, FOCUS, and a CLEAR OVERVIEW and STRUCTURE for your THINKING.

Ok, so that’s more than 3 words… but you get the idea…!!! Other words like SIMPLE, EASY, EFFICIENT, FAST and HELPS further suggest that (importantly) the mind mapping process does not have to be complicated, and can help you reach a clearer picture and greater clarity easily and efficiently… surely this is something we all need?”


You’ll find the Biggerplate annual report 2016 here.